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Puppie Chews - Dehydrated Meals

Puppie Chews - We ONLY use Human Grade Meats, Fruits, Veg & Eggs

Our meals are nutritionally balanced and low in fat.​


Every bag of Puppie Chews Dog Food is Balanced Using the BARF Feeding Method and Will Contain the Following Ingredients:



                     Protein (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish, Turkey & Kangaroo)            80%
                     Offal (Chicken Hearts, Chicken or Beef Liver, Giblets)                 5%
                     Fruits & Vegetables (Seasonal Dog Appropriate)                       10%
                       Eggs (Fresh Chicken Eggs)                                                                3%
                      Bone                                                                                                     2%

(Each bag comes with mixed ingredients, which dogs love as it's not boring, but if you would like us to leave anything out of your bag just message us and we can specially pack your order)​​

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