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Food Rescue Grain & Carb Free Kibble

We produce our 100% grain & carb free kibble from ethical reclaimed restaurant LEFT OVERS enabling us to make Top Quality Kibble at a Fraction of the PRICE.

- We save good quality usable ingredients being needlessly thrown in the trash each day.

- We collect left over meat, fruit & veg from restaurants and then instantly dehydrate it to turn it into top quality kibble.

- We strongly believe in doing our bit to help, by rescuing usable food & using it to make nutritious pet food.

- Our kibble contains restaurant quality chicken, beef, pork, egg and dog friendly vegetables. We use ingredients that were purchased to make restaurant meals, but have not been ordered by customers, restaurants pass them onto us just before they reach their use by dates.

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Buy a 500G Bag Now For JUST
$12 + ($5 Post)
(Don't foget this is dehydrated so this is about 2Kg of normal food)
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