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This is our classic bone marrow chew, with Coconut Charcoal added. After living in Thailand for 10 years, I often used the local remedy of Coconut Charcoal to fix an upset stomach. It work wonders and is completley natural. 


We have used double strength marrow in these so they keep their shape when they dry, so these are super nutrious. We boil the broth for longer to make it super intense and less moisture in it.


Bone Marrow Chews are made from dried bone marrow. We boil the bones to collect all the bone marrow, we then dry it for 3 weeks to turn it from liquid marrow to a hard chew. Awesome dental chews and highly nutratious as they are full of bone marrow goodness.

10 Pack - Bone Marrow & Charcoal Chews

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